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Thread: New to the Music Man family, just got a Luke III

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    New to the Music Man family, just got a Luke III

    Iíve never had a Music Man guitar before so I decided to order a Luke III from Sweetwater since they have 48 months zero interest going on It plays and sounds great just needs a couple tweaks to make it perfect. Anyone have any tips on getting lower action from frets 12-22? itís a little higher than Iím used to.

    Here it is:

    Music Man BFR Luke III Hazel Burst Flame

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    Very nice!
    Sounds like you may have to much back bow set on the neck.
    First, adjust your necks relief with the truss rod. I check mine by holding down the E string at the first and last fret.
    Then, adjust your action at the saddles.

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    Congratulations!! Very pretty. Especially the black hardware combined with that finish. I suggest you swap the pearl tuner buttons for chrome ones. They are very cheap and easy to change. It would look great with the chrome bridge.

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    Well, sir, welcome to the family! You have arrived in STYLE! Awesome hazel burst LIII!

    RE: your action, a couple things. Stock, the LIII ships with the trem pulled forward off the body so it floats. Looks like maybe you went in back and cranked down the springs so it lies flat on the body? Is Ok if that's how you want it, but letting you know how it ships in case someone at Sweetwater messed with it.

    Next, to set your action on a Music Man, 99 times out of 100 it's the truss rod adjustment that will set you free. This video from Drew Montell @ EBMM will tell you all you need to know.

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    Thanks guys! I may get rid of the float, I’m still getting used to this trem with that extra piece of metal that sticks up off the bridge. That is a little odd to me. All I know is this is one of the nicest feeling necks I’ve ever played.

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    To lower the action, first you should use the grub screws on the saddles. If you need it lower than that, you'll have to change the neck angle with a shim.

    "Factory string setting for standard tuning starts at the bass side 4/64" (1.59 mm) to 5/64" (1.98 mm) and the treble side is 3/64" (1.19 mm) to 4/64" (1.59 mm) measured from the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings"

    This is the same as the factory action on Gibson guitars and G&L guitars, though Fender sets theirs a bit lower.
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