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Thread: JP16 made me switch from 9's to 10's after 30 years

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    JP16 made me switch from 9's to 10's after 30 years

    Just got my JP16 a couple of weeks ago & I typically change strings on a used guitar right away. It came with a fresh set of 10's & since it's a floating bridge, I didn't feel like going through the hassle right away & just started playing it. It felt so comfortable with the 10's, I stayed with that gauge when I restrung it with some cobalts.

    After a week of playing the JP every day, I grabbed my LIII & the 9's felt like rubber bands . So, I switched that to 10's, as well as my AL. I think the floating bridge definitely makes a difference, because it gives when you bend. I haven't changed my Axis guitars, they still feel ok with 9's, maybe because they play like a hardtail, the bridge only lifts if I bend more than a full step.

    This JP16 has exceeded my expectations, so easy & comfortable to play.
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    That's always interesting how preferences and experiences go. My recently acquired Axis SS was the guitar that mad me go from 10's to 9's! The stock strings sounded and felt so good that when I want back to my usual D'Addario 10's they were awful. That's why they make 'em all.
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    I've always played 10's so I can't comment.


    All many friends who have grabbed my AL's have asked if i was playing 9's or even 8's.

    Happened just last sunday and the guy, a real professional musician, just couldn't/wouldn't believe they were 10's.

    Always makes me wonder why MM has such a reputation for building the most comfortable instruments.
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