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Thread: JP6 Excessive Feedback?

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    JP6 Excessive Feedback?

    As the title suggests, I bought a JP6 PDN Starry Night (No Piezo, No Matching Headstock), and it comes with an added feature of having a lot of feedback when plugged in. Whenever I touch any metal parts or the strings, it increases in volume? It has barely been used also. A similar thing is shown here? Although I don't speak Thai:
    ? ?????????????? Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 Premier Dealer Network - Starry Night - YouTube

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    It's hard to diagnose a noise issue remotely. If you're noticing a change when you touch the strings or bridge, that suggests a grounding problem. (Assuming that it's not your cable, amp, etc. and they work fine with another guitar.)

    With a non-piezo guitar (no preamp), this should be pretty easy to diagnose. If it's happening with both pickups, then it's something between the selector switch and the output jack. You could take the back plate off and have a look- perhaps snap a picture or two and we could try to help.

    But your best bet would be to drop the customer service guys a line and see if they can help you out first.

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    Thanks for the reply, I've messaged the guys at customer support and waiting on a response. I'm not home tomorrow but will post a pic asap. Thanks.

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    High gain and close to amp = noise IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lou View Post
    High gain and close to amp = noise IMO.
    Yeah, clean tones through interface have noise tho :/

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