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Thread: How to set up the John Petrucci Music Man JP6 Bridge Properly?

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    Question How to set up the John Petrucci Music Man JP6 Bridge Properly?

    Hi all,

    New Music Man John Petrucci JP6 owner here. I'm new to tremolo systems, but tried to set up the guitar with a new set of 9-46 strings, using the already installed 3 springs in the tremolo system. The tuning stability was fantastic and the tremolo bridge was sitting flat on with respect to the guitar's surface.

    So today, after 6 days of having this guitar, during a humble bend, I broke my high E string, which I think was a result of high string tension. Since this guitar comes with a 10-46 set from the factory, what do you recommend to do to reduce the chances of breaking expensive strings (NYXL in this case). Should I remove one of the tremolo springs? Or man up (I'm a girl with girly fingers ) and try using a 10-46 set?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    Where did the string break? At the peg, the nut, or the bridge? Having more springs on the back does not effect the tension on the strings at all. At pitch the string will always have the same tension, regardless of how it is strung.
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    tbone is right.

    Also, sometimes strings just break and that's all there is too it. It may have been a weak string to begin with (it's rare but it can happen). If you find a string on the guitar is breaking too frequently there may be a sharp edge somewhere that's weakening the string (take a careful look right where the string is breaking). But for the moment you may not have anything to worry about.

    Just keep on rockin'!

    And welcome to the forum!
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    Thank you both for your comments. I didn't know the string tension is unaffected by the bridge springs, so thanks for this information.

    The string broke at the bridge. I think it was at the hole where the string comes out. That's the only sharp (relatively) point of contact I see.

    I'm gonna see what happens with a new set of 9's with my "excessive" use of the tremolo dives :P
    Ultimately, if the string broke again, I'll put on a heavier set to rule out the possibility of a sharp edge weakening the string.

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