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Thread: Majesty 7 + Dumble-like tone + Orchestra

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    Majesty 7 + Dumble-like tone + Orchestra

    Hey there,

    i don't think that i have to tell you fellas how amazing those EBMM guitars and basses are

    The Majesty 7 + Dumble-style + Orchestra combination is a rather 'unconventional' one and i thought you might be interested in this sound palette.

    My guitar signal path is pretty straight forward: Majesty 7 - EB MVP - Rockett Audio Dude pedal - Mesa Lonestar clean channel.

    If any of you are interested in the orchestra stuff. I orchestrated it myself and used mostly Spitfire Albion One.

    If you hear any volume swells you already know i stepped on a EB MVP pedal

    You can achieve a more gnarly open 'real' dumble style sound with the rockett pedal - i just tweaked it to my liking.

    If any of you guys/gals ever felt the desire to jam along with an orchestra, i also offer a backing track version. So none of my guitar in the mix and you can give your own spin on this stuff.

    FREE Download:
    Florian Kadirally : Anthology I | Free Music Stream

    Florian Kadirally - Boutique

    Anyway, here's the album preview, i hope you like it:

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