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Thread: 2011 Luke piezo neck finished?

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    2011 Luke piezo neck finished?

    Just took possession of a 2011 Luke with EMG SSH and piezo. This guitar is in perfect condition. Mint is probably more accurate.
    My question is did these come with finished necks? This one is finished and I was expecting the oil and gunstock finish. I'm not disappointed but I am curious if this is the stock option? It's an awesome neck and is considered "Roasted". This guitar also has the "ball family reserve" badge at the 12th fret.
    Thanks for any info provided.

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    The "Black Sugar" with Roasted Maple necks came with a clear gloss finish on the roasted maple, and an ebony fretboard w/ 12th fret BFR inlay.

    Nice score!
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Thanks Pete. Little flecks of sparkle in the black finish. Although I'll poke around on my own, anything more you can tell me about this model? Really appreciate your info.

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    If I recall correctly, it was the first run of guitars ever offered by Music Man with roasted maple. The ordering window was only a month long so not many were made. Apart from the finished roasted neck, ebony board, and paint job, they are standard guitars.
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    I guess the piezo pup will make it a little more rare as well since it was an option I assume. It's also the reason I bought it.Anyway thanks for the info fellas.

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    Back then it seemed at first that roasted maple would only be possible/available with finsh. iirc it had to to with stability?!?
    As much as I lIke the unfinished, this one has some magic of its own.
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