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Thread: Coil splitting Cutlass HSS humbucker in position 2

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    Coil splitting Cutlass HSS humbucker in position 2

    I know that the Cutlass HB is a it bright on it's own, but I wonder if tapping the humbucker when switching to the between pickup setting will make give it a bit more of that classic Strat position 2 quackery that we all know and love. Has anyone tried this?

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    Well, first the stock Cutlass humbucker is not splittable. Second, from my experience with the Silhouette Special half a humbucker is both brighter AND weaker than a single coil so there is a noticeable volume drop when you put it in parallel with a middle single, which some people like (it's common on a lot of guitars out there) but I personally don't like it. I rewired my Silhouette special to get full humbucker + middle for exactly this reason. Third, having had it both ways, I'd say that split humbucker + middle single doesn't quack any better or worse than full humbucker + middle.

    Also note that part of the strat quack is that the two pickups are closer in output and tone than is the case with a single coil and a humbucker (either full or split). You could try adjusting the height and bass-treble balance of the pickups to maximize the quack but you may not be happy with the tone and volumes of the pickups on their own.

    Honestly, I think that if we want a more strat-like position 2 we need a bridge single coil. Personally, I'm a bridge humbucker kind of guy and I'm happy to accept position 2 as it is (similar to a strat position 2 but it's own unique thing) rather than wanting the HSS Cutlass to be something it's not.
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