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Thread: Luke 2 Circa '01-ish. Polyurethane? Oil or Water Based?

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    Luke 2 Circa '01-ish. Polyurethane? Oil or Water Based?

    I had gotten a chip in the body that was down to the wood so it stood out. I actually found a nail polish thats virtually dead on to the candy apple finish.

    I was hoping just to use that to fill but I notice that nail polish doesn't get rock hard but kinda rubbery. So I'm looking to coat it over with polyurethane and give it a bit of a buff out for a gloss.

    Therefore I'm looking to know if EBMM used polyurethane and whether its oil or water based. Local hardware seems just to have oil based. However, if the finish does happen to be water based, would using oil based be an issue? Ding is only about a 1/4" diameter so its not like I'd be using more than a few drops worth literally


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    Fwiw, I've touched up a few with nail polish before and not had an issue with it hardening.

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    If you do decide you need something other than nail varnish, try clear super glue. That sets hard, you can cut and polish that back just as well as any varnish.
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    Maybe the expensive polish have formulas that'll dry hard as nails, but oddly enough, this is Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails.. $2 at Walmart, lol. Except it doesn't. I can still indent it with my nail if I tried.

    My first attempt at color matching was off and that product was the same in that it didn't get really hard.

    Scary how the Sally Hanses's matched the color of the guitar...even with the tiny sparkles. I'm thinking thats what EBMM used to paint the guitar in the first place! ;-D

    Since I don't use nail polish, I have no idea what goes on with that stuff and what kind of formulations one uses.
    So what I was thinking of doing is fill the depression up with polyurethane...or perhaps the superglue trick, thank you..... to the level of the rest of the finish then do a bit of wet anding to blend and finally buff to a gloss

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