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Thread: Noob looking for JP6 info / advice (buy old or newer used)

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    Noob looking for JP6 info / advice (buy old or newer used)

    Old Fender / G&L guy looking for some guidance on a EBMM JP6 I got for my kid.

    Based on the serial number thread, I believe the guitar was made in 2003. It is in good shape, with a couple body blems (no big deal)

    I have about 30 days to return the guitar if I don't like it

    I spent some time searching the forum looking for some sort of JP6 timeline regarding factory mods or upgrades over the years, but really didn't find anything.

    So, my question(s) is is there a big evolution or upgrade difference between the 2003 era JP6 to a more modern one?

    Are the fret size the same? I know at some point they went to stainless, but did the size change? The frets on mine look kind of small. It seems they might have grown taller with the newer JP6s (?)

    Are the pickups better in the newer models or is it more a situation of they all sound good, just different? Does this one have the custom wound Dimarzio's or something else?

    My kid was looking at getting a Sterling JP150, though the JP100D (to me) looked like a better guitar. Then I found the JP6.

    I don't mind spending the extra money for the real deal (better neck, electronics tuners, etc), but would really like to make sure I should have held out for a newer (used) one. In other words, what used JP6 offers the best bang for the buck? Or is the Sterling possibly the best route

    Just fyi - my son is into shred, Sabbath, Vai, Van Halen. He has no need for piezo. I would prefer not swapping out pickups. He is not in a band or anything, just home use.


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    You are perfectly fine with the JP6.
    Later models are different and may be seen as some kind of evolution but they are not automatically "superior", it's just a matter of taste.
    The JP6 is a fantastic guitar and will suit your son's needs.

    NONE of the Sterling's will match the "real deal" JP6 quality. IMHO
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    I've owned nearly every variation of th JP line and by far the original JP6 is my favorite. There have been subtle changes like pickups and stainless frets but they are great guitars.

    Edited to add the Sterlings are not in the same league as their USA counterparts. They are good but they don't feel the same to me. Trem has a different feel. YMMV
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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    I think I am going to keep this one for him. While the stainless frets would be nice, we can deal with that down the road in a few years.

    Thanks again!!!!

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