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Hi everybody, first time posting. I've wanted an EBMM for years but I don't see them in stores very often so it was always back of mind. Last month I took a chance and ordered a SSS Cutlass. Wow! I can believe I waited so long. Two weeks later I put a strat and 2 tele's up for sale then bought a Valentine.

I know some will comment on the neck width but for people like me, who have small stupid fingers, they're the easiest I've ever played. It was a bit of a surprise to find I slightly prefer the more vintage profile of the Cutlass but they're both just great.

The only question left for me is which model to get next, Silhouette or Axis Super Sport.......

Congratulations! We did almost the same thing. I bought a Valentine without ever playing one. Needless to say I absolutely love it. I bought a silver frost Stingray a month later.

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