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Thread: Help decipher little paper tag in JP6 pickup cavity

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    Help decipher little paper tag in JP6 pickup cavity

    This might be a noob question, but....

    Was removing the pickups from a used JP6 to see if there was any model info on them and I noticed a small white sticker (about the size of the paper from a fortune cookie) inside the rear pickup cavity

    It evidently is some sort of build info sticker as it says W / O # (work order # ?) and BLD #

    What I am trying to figure out is the BLD # info. It looks like the last six digits are 11 20 00.

    Any idea what these numbers translate to? I thought it might be a build date, but the guitar serial number is way newer than 00

    Just curious what the tag is and if possible, how to decode the info on it

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    That is for production. Each instrument will have a Build Number which is like a part number. It tells you model, color, neck options, pickguard options, hardware and case. The W/O is the work order number. Each instrument gets a unique work order that stays with it through the factory until the instrument is finished. At that time the work order is closed and the serial number is attached to the record of the instrument. The 11 on your build code means blue pearl and the 20 means rosewood fretboard with dot inlays and a non-matching headstock.
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