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Thread: NGD - Steve Morse Standard with Floyd

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    NGD - Steve Morse Standard with Floyd

    Mrs. Bebop was pining away recently over the Morse Y2D we had for a short time many years ago. She decided to shop around to see what was out there and found this little guy on GC used for a very reasonable price. The ad pics showed it still with the protective plastic so we ordered it in.
    She always wanted one with the Floyd and Iíve been interested in a Morse standard for a while being Iíve been a big fan of Steve since the early Dixie Dregs days.
    What we ended up getting is a total Ďcloset case queení or ĎNOSí guitar! It was built and shipped in 2001, but other than a wee bit of tarnish on a few of the metal parts, itís in new condition! Not sure how rare this black with plain white guard is but Iíve found almost no info or reference to this combination online.
    Yes, the switching is a bit challenging at first, but is easy to grasp after a short time. What a fabulous and versatile guitar! I will say that all of the pickup combinations are extremely usable and even with 4 different pickups, every combination just gives a variation of the same voice, unlike a lot of guitars that sound very different when you switch pups. Once again, Steve and EBMM knew what they were doingÖ Sweet!

    Balls are Best!!

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    Nice congrats, looks like you got a super deal!!!!

    Enjoy, Glenn |B)
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    Congrats! What a find!
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    Congratulations and happy playing!!

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    Nice!!! They are great guitars! Super versatile! I have the hardtail version, because I am allergic to floyds.
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    Awesome! Gotta love a Floyd EBMM!

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    That looks fantastic! I wish I had one like that. The switching is really easy to get used to. It'll make you look at all your other guitars differently from now on. I have one that is dark blue with matching headstock from 2001. I sometimes think about trading it for something as as I have a couple of Morse models, but then I chicken out and end up keeping it. Ha!
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