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Thread: Luke III - HSS - Potis/Capacitors

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    Luke III - HSS - Potis/Capacitors


    Ive just read through the specs of the Luke III Hss.
    It says it has a 500kohm tone pod and a .022 capacitor.
    What about the volume control poti, 500kohm as well?
    Anything other than that in the wiring?

    Ive got a Silhouette and the Luke III pickups and would like to wire it accordingly (without the boost).

    Thanks in Advance!

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    No clue anyone?

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    I think the volume is 25k. The idea being, there's a fixed load provided for the pickups, and then the volume comes after the preamp. There's also a resistor across poles of the 5-way switch, to reduce the load for the single coil positions (so they're not too bright).

    When putting those pickups in another guitar, I'd wire them up normally. Probably 500k tone and 500k or 250k volume, then do the same trick with a 250k or 500k resistor in positions 2, 3, 4, & 5. This way humbuckers see larger pots, single coils see less resistance.

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    Wow, i didnt know about that additional parallel resistors for single coil pickups!

    Do you know what is the exact value of fixed load on Luke III preamp (i mean without resistors across single coils) ? Is it something like 1Meg?

    Im asking cause i am trying to assembly something similiar (but much more simple) into my Luke II with dp255 and dp422.


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    The volume pot provided by the Ernie Ball Music Man factory on the Luke III is a 25k. We can't necessarily give advice on custom wiring, however, one thing to take into consideration when wiring your guitar is the way that the Luke III comes with a pickup compensation adjustment on the preamp. We set those in the factory before they get shipped to equalize the volume of the pickups. If you're going to wire your Silhouette without a preamp, the pickups will not be the same volume as they are in the Luke III. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Thanks! Of course you are talking about 2 and 4 position of switch, right? On this positions due to the pickup mixing volume is bit lower. Basically when boost is off signal from 1, 3 and 5 positions is on 'passive' level?

    Thanks for helping!

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    Yes, the compensation is for positions 2 and 4. It's meant to bring the volume of the single coil pickups up to approximately the level of the humbucker pre-boost.

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    Hello! The volume push push pot of my Luke 3 failed me. It needs to be replaced. I'm overseas and I just want to know if I can use an 500k or 250k push push volume pot that are easy to find here.

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    I believe it's a 25k, but best to email the CS folks directly and ask.

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    Thanks a lot!

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