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Thread: Trim pot diagrams Luke3/ Valentine

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    Trim pot diagrams Luke3/ Valentine

    I have a Valentine BFR, & 2 Luke 3 BFRs, an HH & a HSS. I have no idea what the trim pot adjustments do. These are all new, so I don't want to attempt tweaking anything without some guidance. Thanks in advance!
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    Regarding the Valentine... I had posted this previously, but hope it can be helpful:
    The trim pot under the back panel labeled "BST" controls the amount of boost. I keep mine about halfway. Max is 20db but I believe they come from the factory set to 11db.
    I'm under the impression that the one labeled "COM" controls the balance of volume between the single/humbucker/combined positions, but mine is well balanced so I never messed with it.
    The two other pots control the silent circuit for the bridge"B" and the split neck(there's an "N" you can't see in the pic) pickups, respectively.

    Trim pot diagrams Luke3/ Valentine-img_0175-jpg

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    There should be two trim pots for the Luke III. One is the volume compensation for positions 2 and 4, the NOTCH positions. The second controls how powerful the boost function is.
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