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Thread: EBMM cutlass sss bright neck pick up and blurry bass

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    EBMM cutlass sss bright neck pick up and blurry bass

    I recently bought a EBMM Cutlass SSS from 2016 with rosewood neck. I do have a Fender blues Junior 3 amp. The clean tones are perfect but when switching to the OD on the bridge pickup it is so bright that your teeth will fall out even though the tone on the pedal is back to 9/10 o'clock. Other pick ups become rather dull. Furthermore when the volume on the guitar is full open the bass tones become blurry. Is this a common issue or is this the guitar, amp or pedal (budda zenman or mxr od)?

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    Just changed the setting on the amp. Master full open and volume on 3.
    Problem solved. Still the bridge pickup is on the bright side. Might replace this.
    Any suggestions??

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    Adjust your pickup heights. I’m sure you’ll find a sweet spot. Lower the high E string side of the trebly pickup.

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