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Thread: NGD This Thursday. 2018 RS HSS Cutlass

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    NGD This Thursday. 2018 RS HSS Cutlass

    I'm working from home this Thursday and am anticipating the arrival of my new guitar. Been wanting a strat style guitar for a long time and decided to snag one of the new 2018 Cutlass HSS in Vintage Sunburst. I'll be sure to post pic as I doubt I'll be getting any work done by the time my new axe arrives.

    I've been a Les Paul player for a while but have been digging what Music Man has been putting out. Bought a majesty a while ago but had to send it back as I had a lot of issues with the electronics. (wanting to add a Strat style guitar to my arsenal for a long time. Need some good single coil goodness in the neck and middle positions. I was hesitant about getting the HSS but I would use the Humbucker in the bridge more than I would a Single Coil(Just my personal preference for my playing style).

    Anyone like their HSS Cutlass? I'm excited and have been waiting for one of these in the vintage sunburst finish to become available with the right maple flaming.


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    Absolutely love my HSS cutlass. It gets the most playing time of any of my guitars. I’ve been debating on selling it to get a RS HSS version, as I like the raw feeling neck on my RS stingray, but I’m not sold on the exchange yet.
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    NGD This Thursday.  2018 RS HSS Cutlass-3stopux-jpg

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    Niiiiiiice! I assume you're too busy playing to tell us more.
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    Ha, yeah pretty much. I'm still getting used to it. I've been playing my '97 Les Paul Standard primarily and the maple fretboard definitely has a different feel. I was a little hesitant in getting the HSS because I really wanted an SSS but I got a good deal on this from Sweetwater and I doubt i'll ever use the bridge by itself. I do have to add that the middle and bridge position sound pretty great when engaged.

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    Oh my god....I had no idea that the Cutlass BFR was going to be a Sparkle Chromeburst....I might be sending this back to get one of those :-(

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    That BFR does look sweet.

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    Congratulations on the new acquisition =)

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    Very nice, congrats! I was in the same boat as you and I haven't been able to get out of the honeymoon phase with it.

    I went with the SSS but I may wind up replacing the bridge pu with a hb sized p90. Either way, they're fantastic instruments!

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