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Thread: LIII with stainless frets

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    LIII with stainless frets

    New member here!

    Looking into getting myself an EBMM instrument again, and I've decided on the LIII. Do any of you know witch ones have necks with stainless frets? It seems that most of the PDN and at least some of the BFR models have them, but the standard guitars do not. Sadly I just missed out on a Starry Night - that neck is exactly what I'm looking for: Stainless frets, ebony board and no inlays...

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    I'm pretty sure the only LIII with that exact neck is that exact model.

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    Yeah, I know. Just mentioned it, because that combination would be my first choice. But I can absolutely live with other woods and inlays - I just really want the SS frets...

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    Hi Kvaksalver,

    We have not recently offered any Luke models with stainless wire.
    When we use stainless wire on a Luke, Axis, Morse, Silhouette the size is 0.047" x 0.104". (bass wire)
    It does have a different feel compared to standard Luke wire: 0.039" x 0.100"
    Runs with Stainless fret wire:
    PDN #3 "Honey Roasted" 2012
    PDN #7 "Neptune Blue" 2014
    PDN #9 "Starry Night" 2016
    Nothing on the drawing board at the moment.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Tumescent run had stainless steel frets as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Tumescent run had stainless steel frets as well.
    From what I remember those were nickel/steel (non-stainless) but had a slightly different profile. I had 4 of them come through, but that was around 2 years ago.
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    Excellent info all, thanks! And one of the reasons for preferring the SS wire is actually, that it's just slightly bigger than the standard wire on the Luke.

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    Thanks for the clarification Pete. Yeah- I'd seen conflicting info on the Tumescent.

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