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Thread: Cutlass sacrilege part II. :)

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    Cutlass sacrilege part II. :)

    People liked the recent relic transformation of the other Cutlass the other day, so now I'm really putting the forumites to the test. I added a robot and some sparkle stickers to my Cutlass. I live in New Mexico, so we have to stay friendly to all the aliens and flying saucers so they don't steal all the children and livestock. That's just my theory.

    I also changed all the screws to black and swapped out knobs and added a silver pickup selector. Silver pickup covers too.

    The artist formerly known as "radrock"
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    Mars attacks in Starry Night.... I dig it!!
    Balls are Best!!

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    I like that UFO sticker on the back
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    That looks nice and funky!
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    That actually looks pretty good. Nice!

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    Like the knobs, but I'm partial myself to the Tele style knobs.

    Rad if you like it that's all that matters man, though your theme is spot on.

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    Thanks everyone. None of the sparkles and stickers would matter if the tone wasn’t there. This Cutlass just sounds amazing has been my main guitar since I bought it. I just finished my new pedalboard and I’m running in stereo again. Turning on my Dimension C chorus in stereo with this Cutlass is heaven.

    The artist formerly known as "radrock"
    Axis Hardtail TransPurple #89749 (3/28/97)
    Reflex Classic White #G71108 (7/14/14)
    StarryNight #G79870 (12/14/16)

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    I like it! Stickers can always be taken off. Those are really nice though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbonesullivan View Post
    Stickers can always be taken off.
    Exactly! I can always change my mind or add more robots. Whatever is needed.

    The artist formerly known as "radrock"
    Axis Hardtail TransPurple #89749 (3/28/97)
    Reflex Classic White #G71108 (7/14/14)
    StarryNight #G79870 (12/14/16)

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    That is so cool! The mirrored pickup covers must look great!
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    I see no sacrilege here. It's awesome!

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    I'm generally opposed to stickers on guitars, but the robots and UFOs are perfect for this one, and they look good.
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