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Thread: Replace Luke frets for Jumbo ?

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    Replace Luke frets for Jumbo ?

    Hi guys,

    I'm a proud owner of a Luke I, II and III. My LIII is my main guitar and will probably be for a long time.
    I started thinking about refretting it, but with jumbo frets. I do love the feeling of jumbo, especially the control it offers while bending.

    My question is : will jumbo frets affect the tone so much that I won't recognise my guitar ? The LIII already has a quite bright tone, so will jumbo make it so bright that it won't be harmonious anymore ?
    And, even more important to me, does that kind of change is morally ok ? I mean, the guitar is made after "the Master" specs, so changing such an important element could make the guitar loose its "soul".
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    2005 Luke 2(Candy Red)
    2015 Luke 3(Bodhi Blue)

    Obviously a Steve Lukather big fan !

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    Make it your own,but whatever you do.....................don't fret.
    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.

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    It's your guitar, put the frets on it that you like. The come stock with "low profile, wide" frets, which may not be what some like. I'm actually a bit ham handed, being a bass player, so jumbo frets cause intonation issues for me. Medium jumbo seems to be my favorite.
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    Obviously feel would be different, but I'm thinking tone wouldn't be affected unless it was stainless steel material, then it would be brighter.
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    I can't imagine you'll see much of a tone difference. It's all about feel really.

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    Tone difference will be very minimal indeed. The only thing that may slightly impact the tone would be going to stainless steel frets from non-stainless ones. Would be a tad bit brighter maybe. I hate the frets Luke uses. I replaced mine on my Luke II with medium jumbo stainless steel jescar frets and I absolutely love them.

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