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Thread: your top 5 guitarists...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbaim
    2 things.

    It's RHOADS.

    Not Rhodes.


    Ok, I see one thing what's the second????

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    Sorry can't do 5, has to be 10

    No particular order:

    Eric Clapton
    Larry Carlton
    Robben Ford
    George Benson
    Gary Moore
    Peter Green
    Buddy Guy
    Freddie King
    Steve Morse
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    Quote Originally Posted by francric
    Ok, I see one thing what's the second????

    Make it one thing.

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    I split because I'm half metal shredder and half acoustic fingerstyle player.

    John Petrucci - Dt Rules
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Vinnie Moore
    Jimmy Page
    Adrian Smith/Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)

    Michael Hedges
    Leo Kottke
    Joe Pass
    Jimmy Page
    Steve Howe

    Honorable Bass Mentions
    Geddy Lee
    Jaco Pastorius
    Steve Harris
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    1. Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    2. SRV
    3. Zakk Wylde
    4. Randy Rhoads
    5. Rickey Medlocke
    6. Allen Collins
    7. Gary Rossington
    8. Hughie Thomasson
    9. Richie Sambora
    10. Eric Clapton
    11. Ted Nugent
    12. B.B. King
    13. EVH
    14. Steve Gaines
    15. Steve Vai

    How about these !! There are too many greats to list in my opinion !! They are in no particular order, i simply typed them as they came to me.
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    oh, man... this is a tough one....

    bill frisell
    allan holdsworth
    david torn
    steve morse

    although, steve vai, joe satriani, and french film score composer, eric serra are the main reasons I started playing...

    lately I'm becoming a BIG nels cline fan...

    and for edensdad's suggestion of bass player honorable mentions... I'm all for billy sheehan, and michael manring (one of the 5 best living musicians on the earth right now.)

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    How can you pick just 5?
    In no particular order:

    Larry Carlton
    Derek Trucks
    Derek Brooks
    Jeff Beck
    Joe Bonamassa
    Vernon Reid(Sp?)

    More later

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    I like the country guys Marty Stuart
    Albert Lee
    Brad Paisley
    Brent Mason
    Vince Gill

    I hope to be playing a MMAL after I sell my Telecaster..

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    No real order....

    Marty Friedman
    Steve Vai

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebullet
    vai,satch, eddie,jimi,randy

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    Steve Morse
    Al DiMeola
    Eric Johnson
    Wes Montgomery
    Jerry Donahue (actually, all 3 Hellecasters)

    as for bass, Dave LaRue and Victor Wooten are my favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by savannah_sean
    as for bass, Dave LaRue and Victor Wooten are my favorites.

    Mine too!

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    Guthrie Govan(owns all others )
    Ron Thal
    Shawn Lane
    Steve Morse
    And way too many to list.....

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    oh god! I forgot shawn lane!!!

    I'm a terrible guitar person. 5 people is too tough. 10 maybe...

    and thumbs up to everybody listing ron thal and Ia from freak kitchen!

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    jimi hendrix
    steve morse
    robben ford
    buzz feiten
    dan huff
    bb king
    chet atkins
    jimmy herring
    david gilmore
    jeff beck
    john petrucci
    eric johnson
    pat martino
    billy gibbons
    duane allman
    dicky betts
    jimmy page
    joe pass
    sonny landreth
    tommy emmanuel
    albert lee
    eric clapton

    best i could do.......
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