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Thread: Some accolades courtesy of my JPXI 7 string...

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    Some accolades courtesy of my JPXI 7 string...

    Last winter my band got back together after a 4 year hiatus and we promptly set to work getting our live set back together and recorded a 3 song ep of the newer material that we never got around to recording before the hiatus. We self-released it in August via our bandcamp and fortunately, Metal Injection picked it up as a "Tech Death Tuesday" feature:

    Tech-Death Tuesday: THE ARSONIST’S DAUGHTER Channel Unnerving Chaos Into Sonic Gold on Mnemonist

    That was exciting enough, but we just found out that we were included in their end-of-year roundup "Tech Death Tuesday: A Retrospective Look at the Best Technical Death Metal of 2018" under the EP section:

    Tech-Death Tuesday: A Retrospective Look At The Best Technical Death Metal Of 2018

    I absolutely have to credit my JPXI 7 string that I nabbed this spring for the awesome sound I got and the ease with which I can play and write difficult passages. The sound I get from it is just fantastic. Heavy with lots of clarity and note definition, which is crucial for the music we play. Definitely the best guitar I've owned (and I've had some nice guitars). Been putting it through it's paces live and looking forward to using it to write our full length this winter...

    The EB Slinky Cobalts have become another crucial component to my sound, absolutely love the clarity they give to the low end.

    If you check out the music, all songs are two guitar tracks (one each side), the JPXI tuned to B standard on everything and just 2 different patches from my Axe FX 2...I used my drummer's wah pedal for a little filter-y effect on one side of a pick tapped section, but other than that it's just the JPXI into an Ernie Ball VP Jr. (maybe the most crucial part of my rig!) into the Fractal. All effects are tracked live via the Axe 2. Just wanted to EBMM has given me lots of joy and it's cool to have used it on something that got some attention...
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