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Thread: Jp 15 nut height/depth

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    Jp 15 nut height/depth

    I know another action question. I searched and can’t find what I am looking for. My new JP 15 is almost perfect. The D string is to deep and buzzing. So I would like to see your numbers on your nut. Bottom of string to fret distance. My JP action is rite at 0.40. Or 1mm. Yep came like that from the factory. Here is my current nut numbers
    E. A. D. G. B. E
    016. 013. 005. 012. 004. 007

    So I am going to replace the nut. I may play with this nut and see how far I can push these numbers . I think I would like to put these numbers at. E. A. D. G. B. E
    016. 013. 010. 006. 005. 004.
    Chime in if you have fooled with these and know how far to go.
    And if you have these number , post them up so their will be some references for others.
    These were measured with the dial indicator tool so they are precise.
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    What fret are you measuring that on? I would typically set the action at the 12th fret but those numbers seem way too low to me. The nut on my JP15 seems to well match the fretboard radius but the action at the 12th ranges from 1.5-1.9mm

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    Action at the 12 th is 1.0 mm. My problem is the d sting at the nut. Those measurements are at the first fret bottom of string to top of first fret. I figure I am as low as I need to go but just figured somebody has played with the clearance to know how low you can go at the nut. I have googled and found some nut numbers as low as .010 on the low E. But the action was a lot higher at the 12th.

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    Just to check - is the D-string buzzing ONLY (or significantly, oviously worse) on the open string? If not the nut is probably OK.

    Also, are you measuring the 1st fret clearance in thousands of an inch?
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    Yes , open string. You can get some buzz on other wound strings , but you really have to hit them hard. I will leave them alone and just fix this one

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