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Thread: 2017 EBMM Luke III vs 2016 Fender Jazzmaster HH with Transition Pick-Ups

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    2017 EBMM Luke III vs 2016 Fender Jazzmaster HH with Transition Pick-Ups

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm brand new here today and would love some thoughts/advice from any who would care to help!

    I'm wanting a Luke III HH and today I'm very close to buying one on

    What's keeping me from pressing the 'add to cart' button is wondering how close to a Luke III overall 'experience' I could get by swapping the Fender Blacktops in my Jazzmaster HH with DiMarzio Transitions.

    I know I'm setting myself for some possible ridicule, but I just wanted to hear anybody's immediate thoughts are on my dilemma

    At present, I haven't actually played a Luke III, nor do I have Transitions installed in my Jazzmaster. It's just something I came up with that I thought might get me close to the Luke III without breaking the bank!!

    Please advise when convenient!

    Thank You!


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    If you really like the way you’re Jazzmaster plays go for it. That said, if you ever get a chance to play a LIII for a little while you might kick the Jazzmaster to the curb.

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    Hypothetical question - If you could only play unplugged for a year, and price was no object why would you choose the jazzmaster instead of the LIII if you wanted the LIII?

    They are very different quitars in terms of feel and balance and tuning stability and even with the same pickups and pots they won't sound identical (though close).

    Get the LIII if you want an LIII. You'll have two great and very different guitars.
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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    Thanks for taking the time to offer your advice!
    As it turns out, I went ahead and bought the 2017 Bodhi Blue LIII HH!
    It was too good of a deal to pass up!
    Now I'll have both!!

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    Pics when you get it please!
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    IF... you're looking to get your feet wet with MusicMan id suggest picking up a Sterling LK100D... you're going to be able to find them right around $5-600 and that will give you a pretty good idea as to what you're in for with the LIII. I have a friend with the LIII and I with the LK100D and LK100 (with transitions installed) and he can't tell a difference in the playability of the two. SO that might be a more feasible option...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrapperJ View Post
    Pics when you get it please!
    I had a L3 HH and it was great (only ditched it to get a mid 90s Axis Sport).

    Does your new one have the roasted neck? If so, I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!

    Enjoy. And...I second the request for pics!

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