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Thread: Axis Sport HSS Replacement Pickup Set

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    Just thought I'd toss this in.....I have one of my guitars loaded with the True Velvet. I think they are outstanding. Great sounding , but they do hum.

    Also have the Injector and Areas in another also. They really do great and have a slight single coil tone character. VERY QUIET. They don't sound quite the way I want them to when they are clean, but they really come alive with some gain thrown at them. They seem to match up well with humbuckers.
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    Yes, that's it really ... you're going to get different results depending on whether you're playing clean or dirty. The right pickup for the right application.

    If you need a hand with wiring the Silent Circuit let me know. There are a number of ways you can do things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolhandluc View Post
    Since you have the silent circuit why not just go with the DiMarzio Velvet single coils? Should be as close to stock as you can get. I have a Silhouette Special stock and love it, and I have a strat with Area 58s and a 36th PAF and love it. I love both equally so I doubt you'll go wrong either way.
    Another fine option I’ll add to my short list of consideration. Wondering how deep a rabbit hole of wiring options I want to go down too. I see there’s a reverse wound middle option as well.

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    For a switch and pots does anyone know if the Dimarzio strat style are the same size and fit as the EB OEM?

    Ernie Ball 5-Way Strat Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001FWYB52..._I0JnCbY76DR2H

    DiMarzio 5-Way Split Coil Pickup Selector Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000G8BCZI..._60JnCbD0VE8H3

    And are these the standard through body 500k pots?

    Ernie Ball 500k Split Shaft Instrument Potentiometer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001FWYB5M..._T1JnCbCZS5R84

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    So, I bumped my head this morning and had this epiphanal thought. Instead of chasing some OEM resto path, what about and 180* and move to the EMG SA/SA/85 HSS Strat set?

    1) Comes complete with all wiring, switch and all.

    2) Easy-peasy solderless quick connections.

    3) They're quiet by design.

    4) They sound quite good and seem pretty balanced hum to singles in the clips I heard so far.

    5) I already have a battery compartment installed from the Silent Circuit (that I won't need for this install and can possibly use in with the Burns Tri-Sonic S/S/S experiment I am mulling later on).

    6) Folks seem to love the EMG's in their Lukes, and might even pay a premium to have them.

    7) I am well familiar with EMG from my many bass years.

    8) Pulls me from the rabbit hole of mix and match pickup selection, switch wiring, second guessing, sleepless nights, etc.

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    1997 Axis Sport HSS Kandy Lime w/ Maple Neck

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    Any updates on this project?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wesman11483 View Post
    Any updates on this project?
    Well, yes there is, albeit not exciting ones. I did buy the EMG set for all the reasons previously noted. I also had to have a new pick guard made to accommodate the EMG square humbucker shape so that should be here in a few days.I did clean it up a bit and dressed the frets. As soon as the PG is here I can reassemble and see how it sounds to my ears. The Red Special plan is back-burnered and this may just get a lovely Dargie-esque metallic green refinish once things warm up here. My work space has been in transition anyway so I haven't had the usual time to dedicate to such things. But hopefully a fully playable unit very soon.
    2016 Axis Super Sport Trans Gold w/ Maple Neck
    1997 Axis Sport HSS Kandy Lime w/ Maple Neck

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