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Thread: St Vincent Vincent BFR neck size ?? Same as Albert Lee ?

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    St Vincent Vincent BFR neck size ?? Same as Albert Lee ?

    The St Vincent HH neck I tried a while back seemed a bit too narrow and slim to me . It is the only one I have tried . Does anyone know if the BFR version of the Vincent has the same neck profile as the standard ? I have not played an Albert Lee recently but have read that it's neck is similar to the St V - is that true ?

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    My BFR feels a bit fuller than the stock model I tried.

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    Mine (same as the one JL is selling ) feels same as my Albert Lee HH
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    Thanks for the help !!

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    It certainly wouldn't surprise me if the AL the StV had the same neck, since she was playing a Lees on stage for a year or two in the lead-up to her signature model.

    As for the BFRs, any difference there is only going to be a) the result of normal production variation (not sure what standard EB uses, but I once toured a VERY BIG GUITAR COMPANY'S factory and they bragged that their neck profiles were crafted to 1/16" tolerances...as though an 1/8" difference wasn't friggin' HUGE) or b) a product of whatever differences in feel neck binding imparts, since that's been added to at least some of the St Vincenct special runs.

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    FWIW, all of the EBMM necks with binding I have ever played felt different, or "fatter" compared to the same models without binding.
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