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Thread: Silhouette pickguards

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    Silhouette pickguards

    I just bought a used EBMM Silhouette and love it. I would like to try some other pickup combinations and have a couple of question i need help with.

    1) I have access to a used Silhouette Special pickguard. My guitar is the Silhouette model with a hardtail. Are the pickguards interchangeable between the Silhouette and the Silhouette Special?

    2) My guitar has the plastic quick connect to make it easy to swap loaded pickguards. Is this a standard feature? If so where can i get one for my new loaded pickguard?

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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new Silhouette! Forum “rule” - your guitar doesn’t exist without pictures!

    The silhouette and silhouette special have slightly different body shapes and number of frets so the pick guards are not interchangeable.

    The molex connectors are standard, yes. you might be able to order them from Music Man customer service so give them a call. If not they can tell you what size and you’ll easily find it online at an electronics supplier. Or use the existing one and cut/splice the relèvent wires, easy job if you don’t suck with a soldering iron.
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    I just ordered a pickguard for my Sub1 made by a third party firm, and expect to receive it soon. Point being that there are other manufacturers of pickguards that will fit your Silhouette. Also, I’m not sure how the Silos are routed, but double check that your guitar is routed for whichever pickup combination you are interested in.
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    I bought one thru pickguardplanet and it fit perfect. Cost was $49 shipped and took about two weeks. But it's exactly what I wanted. So I'm happy.

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