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Thread: I really want a St Valentine

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    I really want a St Valentine

    The St Valentine model would have the St Vincent pickups and switching in a Valentine body. Also keeping the Valentine boost and splitting knobs. Id buy the first of the thousands that would sell.
    The only thing better would be a St Albert.

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    "The only thing better would be a St Albert."

    ...which is what I've been asking for since the St. V first came out...
    Balls are Best!!

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    Due to the pickguard, the St Albert I'd think is doable with an aftermarket pickguard.

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    The Valentine body shape doesn't do a lot for me, but the Albert Lee has some pizazz. Loved it oversized as a bass. Ooh, someone should build a bass out of a 110-125% scale St Vincent. And then put the Big Al pickups in it. The good ones.

    THAT'S a St. Albert I could really get behind.

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