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Thread: EBMM me price my Valentine fairly.

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    Cool EBMM me price my Valentine fairly.

    Hello all,

    The MM Valentine is my first EBMM guitar and it is truly a magnificient guitar. Every aspect of it is utter perfection when it comes to a guitar. I just haven't seemed to bond with it over time. Perhaps, due to me just being so comfortable with Fenders. I have decided to go the route of a Tele and call it a day.

    I would much rather have this guitar in the hands of someone who loves it. Curious as to what you all think would be a fair price? It's in mint condition and comes with the standard hard case. I bought it brand new from my Sweetwater rep and it was handpicked by my guy from the entire stock.

    Of course I can just go on Reverb and look at prices, but I thought it would be nice to hear from this community first. Nobody is more passionate about EBMM guitars then the people here.

    Thanks everyone. Continue creating and making the world a better place.
    "Time to Rock the World and do it again!"

    EBMM 2017 Valentine in Trans Buttermilk...his name is "Biscuits"

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    Hey- sorry, this really feels like a veiled F/S post so I'm gonna close it. There are lots of examples of current market pricing out there.

    Good luck.

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