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Thread: What's the oldest EBMM you own and play?

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    2007 Axis SS Hardtail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astrofreq View Post
    my Axis are ‘98 and ‘97
    I also have two Axis models, from '97 and '98.

    My second EBMM (I had a LIII for a minute) and my main player is my '98 Axis M90. I found it on local Craigslist for $500. After I picked my jaw off the floor, I drove two hours that day to pick it up. I had the "Jamie Humphries mod" done where I had the bridge M90 replaced with a Super Distortion.

    My second Axis is a red HSS from '97 (Guitar Center used for $900). The neck is crazy fast and I have a thing for maple fretboards. However, the single coil sound has never been my cup of tea. I just dropped her off at my tech for some mods (sacrilege to some, I understand that) so I should have a fun Mod thread posted shortly.

    The only other Axis I've owned was a Blue HH from 2001. Some of you can speak much more intelligently about this than I, but there is just something (to my hands at least) different and special about the Axis necks from the 90s versus later.
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    My two oldest are a 99 Axis Sport MM90 and a 2000 Trans Green Axis (owned both since new). I also have a 2007 Super Sport and a 2016 Cutlass, both of which I acquired this year.
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    1991 Eddie Van Halen model. I have a lot as collectibles but this is one I bought to play and it's one of my top 5 six string players now. And it looks really cool too.

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    2005 Ltd. Ed. Axis SS Rosewood top/neck. Great player and lightweight. Whomever owned it prior to me beat it up pretty good, so it is a good candidate for a Marty Bell refinish. I'll be posting it for sale here in a week or so.
    What's the oldest EBMM you own and play?-2-jpg
    What's the oldest EBMM you own and play?-3-jpg
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    EVH purchased new in '93.

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    Owned from new, a 1989 Silhouette, SSS, hardtail in honeyburst finish with a rosewood fretboard (12in radius). 6 bolt neck plate.

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    Pearl Red Burst JP6 from 2003
    JP6 Pearl Redburst; 20th Anniversary Silhouette; Silhouette Special Las Vegas Gold; 2007 LE Bongo 4H; BFR JP6 Trans Ruby; AL MM90 Pacific Blue Burst; 2006 LE AL; 25th Anniversary Guitar Quilt, Maple Fretboard, Hardtail; 25th Anniversary Guitar Quilt, Rosewood Fretboard, Tremolo; DD2 BFR JP6; DD2 BFR GR; AL HH Black; Luke with Piezo, Black Sugar Roasted Maple (Sold); Steve Morse Y2D Darklord; Steve Morse Y2D, 2012 PDN; Armada, Black/Gold; Silhouette Special, Vintage Burst; JP13, 7-String

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    My Silhouette Special is a 2005 limited edition. I've had it since 2011.
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    My 2020 Luke 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmannn69 View Post
    My 2020 Luke 3


    Glenn |B)
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    Albert Lee 3 MM90's in White Sparkle (Hardtail) [8/14/2001] [NOS Just pure awesomeness]
    Albert Lee HH in Black Sugar (Hartail) [1/06/2011] [BFR with the 12th fret logo]

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    Very good thread.
    My oldest EBMM is my JP7, born on 07/26/2001, and I've had it since December 2011, but the oldest EBMM that I own is my Luke, born on 09/27/2001, and I've had it since July 2004.
    2001 Luke Blue Dawn G17018-09/27/2001
    2001 JP7 Full Mystic Dream F04507-07/26/2001
    2006 SM-Y2D quilted maple top Purple Sunset G34623-12/27/2006

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    20th Silo.
    2008 LE Silhouette Special SSS
    20th Silhoutte w/Piezo

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