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Thread: What's the oldest EBMM you own and play?

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    What's the oldest EBMM you own and play?

    I was admiring the excellent condition of dibart77's NYNGD-11 - 1993 pink quilt EVH this morning and it got me thinking. What's the oldest EBMM you currently own? Were you the original owner? Do you play it? What's the guitar's story?

    I'll go first:

    Year: 2009
    Model: 25th Anniversary
    Bought New/Used: New
    Still play: Y

    I bought it new in 2009. It's the one in my avatar photo. I was still chasing my tone and dream guitar, which chase would end when EBMM introduced the LIII. Couple fun facts: (1) I hate red guitars, but I was so intrigued by the specs I bought it anyway. It's such a fantastic playing/sounding guitar, I still have it, despite the red color. (2) It's my only EBMM that's not an LIII. Love that guitar. Hard to believe I bought it 10 years ago.

    I'm sure others have older guitars such as Jeff's EVH, but I thought it would be cool to see what older (vintage?) EBMMs we knuckleheads own.

    So play along, and Rock on!
    Starry Night LIII HH
    DuBaldo Blue LIII HH
    Bali Burst LIII HH
    some other LIIIs
    25th Anniversary

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    Year: 2009
    Model: Music Man Petrucci JP6 PRB
    Bought New/Used: New(2010)
    Still play: Y

    As the other EBMM guitars I own this one gets better with every day. Initially the unfinished neck was really bright. Now it has gotten a darker more orange tone. Tuning stability is improving constantly. The guitar sounds fantasatic and plays still awesome! The guitar is practically undamaged and still very exciting. I am looking for many years to come with this guitar and the others! However, 10 years is not to old for a guitar so I am interested in how this thread developes. Regards, J
    JP6 PRB
    JP6 BFR TR
    JPX BFR Barolo
    JP12 7 BFR CS
    JP15 BFR QM SB
    Majesty 7 Iced Crimson
    Majesty Artisan Nero
    Majesty 7 Monarchy Majestic Purple
    Majesty Tiger Eye
    Majesty BFR Purple Nebula

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    My Silo Special was born in 2001 - that would be the oldest I currently own.

    EBMM L3 HH (Olive Gold)
    EBMM L3 HSS Roasted (Bodhi Blue)
    EBMM Silo Special (Blue Dawn)
    EBMM Albert Lee SSS (Sky Blue)
    EBMM Cutlass (Vintage Turquoise)
    EBMM L3 BFR (Blueberry Burst)
    EBMM Cutlass HSS (Firemist Silver)

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    my Axis are ‘98 and ‘97
    A S T R O F R E Q . C O M

    Axis Hardtail TransPurple #89749 (3/28/97)
    Reflex Classic White #G71108 (7/14/14)
    StarryNight #G79870 (12/14/16)

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    '91 Morse. Still my main guitar after all these years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    '91 Morse. Still my main guitar after all these years.
    Is this one that you’ve modded in any way, Beej?

    My 20th Anniv Silo is oldest of mine, purchased used in 2016, the year I fell into this EBMM black hole.
    Axis SS Semi-Hollow in Diablo Blue
    Hunter Hayes Cutlass in Lake Tahoe Blue
    Cutlass RS in Charging Green
    Luke 3 HH in Starry Night
    Valentine in Trans Maroon
    Reflex Game Changer HSH with Piezo

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    Year: 1994
    Model: Albert Lee
    Bought New/Used: Used
    Still play: Y

    Bought it used in 2008. I don´t know how many owners it had before. One piece body, very light and resonant. It was in nearly mint condition in 2008 and has many dings and dongs now, but nothing dramatic. It doesn´t bother that much as I am sure I will never sell it because it is so good
    blueburst Steve Morse Standard, Jan 03, 2005
    pinkburst Albert Lee, Jul 13, 1994
    cinnamon SUB1, Mar 08, 2004
    vintage gold reflex, June 22, 2011

    My Band: Groove Bang

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    Quote Originally Posted by jones4tone View Post
    Is this one that you’ve modded in any way, Beej?
    Yeah, all over and then back again. Now we're close to stock, with some wiring tweaks, different bridge, etc.

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    Year: 2001
    Model: Steve Morse
    Bought New/Used: New
    Still play: Y

    I bought it for my 30th birthday. It has some scars ... but I have also some wrinkles ...

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    1996 AL, used but in good condition. Super light and got a great deal. Perfect for my AL-T mod project!



    Nice neck too...
    Balls are Best!!

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    Awesome thread!

    And the answer for me actually surprised me. I had thought it was my old faded purple EVH that was the first EBMM that I bought -- bought it new back in 1992 (ordered in late 1991, IIRC). That's this guy:

    That guy was born on July 1, 1992. However, as it turns out, sorting my spreadsheet by DOB, it's actually another purple EVH I picked up in 2007. I mainly got it because it wasn't faded like my Number One is. This one was born five months earlier on February 13, 1992.

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    Great posts, guys! Really digging the stories about these older axes.

    Keep them coming!
    Starry Night LIII HH
    DuBaldo Blue LIII HH
    Bali Burst LIII HH
    some other LIIIs
    25th Anniversary

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    Year: 2006
    Model: Music Man 20th AnniversaryB
    Bought New/Used: Used off of Sweat of FingBeagle for the OG's in the house
    Still play: Y

    I was using an OLP MM1f at the time and came across some funds. I was looking to use those funds to buy my first high end guitar. I was severely tossed between an Axis and a PRS Custom 22. I had a friend Jodizzle who worked for Ernie Ball at the time and she answered a million texts about the guitars and I was an active member here anyway and looked on the fs thread and saw the 20th at a price I couldn't pass up. I've not looked back...
    Enjoy the Journey - Enjoy the Process
    G27494 20th Anniversary Silhouette
    G53462 Silhouette Special
    SG31073 StingRay
    SG26540 LK100D
    SG23128 AX40D
    SG36060 LUKE
    SG26016 AX40D

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    1997 Axis Sport, currently red w/ maple neck. Perfect player, getting some fresh electronics soon, minimal fret wear but has some body dings and wear and may get a refin this spring or summer. Still a rock solid 22 year old instrument.
    2016 Axis Super Sport Trans Gold w/ Maple Neck
    1997 Axis Sport Kandy Lime w/ Maple Neck

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    1998 EBMM Axis Sport MM90

    I am the second owner, and it is slightly modified (I replaced the bridge MM90 with a Dimarzio Super Distortion)

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