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Thread: What is the lowest string action of JP6 / JP12?

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    Red face What is the lowest string action of JP6 / JP12?

    Hello everybody
    recently I tried to setup my JP12 BFR myself to seek how the string height as low as possible without fret buzz.
    After make the truss rod / Set the bridge plate height / adjust trem claw, the action height on 12 fret is Low E ( 2.0mm) and High E (1.5mm) , can't go lower that 0 - 5 frets on 6th (low E) and 5th (B) will get fret buzz.
    I wonder if any buddy could tune the action more lower and how to be achieved ? thanks so much

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    If only frets 0-5 are buzzing you may have to add more relief to the neck. Besides that you have the action within the range that EBMM does from the factory and is fairly low in my opinion. That's around where I have the action on my JP6 and JP15. Much lower than that and you will likely run into fret buzz unless you play very lightly. YMMV but that's been my experience.

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