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Thread: Replacing Saddles on Cutlass and Valentine

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    Replacing Saddles on Cutlass and Valentine

    Alrighty. I bought a cutlass a while back and am finally getting around to setting it up how I like. First thing is I like 10s to 46s on 25.5 scale so Iím replacing the strings. I assume this is such a small change the nut slots will be fine as is. 2nd change is I like these contoured saddles stewmac has.

    Highwood Contoured Vintage Saddles for Strat - Set of 6 |

    Iím pretty sure the 0262 set will be a perfect fit. I ordered some and will report in once Iíve installed them.

    My question is, have any of you removed the bridge plate on a cutlass? I think i just need to remove a few screws after taking off the back piece?

    I also recently bought a valentine but donít have it yet and if I like how the saddle replacement goes on the cutlass I I will probably do the same little mod on the valentine.

    I also replace the strap pins with Dunlop locking since I have those on almost all my guitars.

    I think thatís it for modifications to these guitars for me, but Iím curious about what other easy mods any of you guys have done. Oh I also added springs to the cutlass to lock down the trem. Iím more of a hard tail player. I have a few guitars with a trem but overall I just prefer hard tail. As for why replace the saddles I just find these more comfortable. Especially on a strat since it doesnít have a bridge cover, but even with the cover on the music man guitars I think Iíll prefer no screws sticking out and the appearance stays about the same.

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    Yup, it’s pretty easy.

    Strings off
    Cavity springs off
    Remove trem from guitar. Two small screws underneath to remove the cover and Bob’s yer uncle.

    And just in case you were not already aware, intonation adjustment screws require a 2 mm Allen wrench.

    I took photos a while back, I must post them in a new thread.
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