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Thread: Wireless interference. Line 6 g10

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    Wireless interference. Line 6 g10

    Just wondering if any others have an issue with interference with music man guitars with the active system? I have a cutlass and a valentine with the system and the valentine is intolerable using wireless. There is a loud high pitched whine. With the cutlass the same sound is there but it is about a tenth of the volume of the valentine. So the cutlass is still usable. Not a huge deal because I can just use a cable, but it makes me curious of others experience using these guitars with wireless systems. Maybe there is something I could do to the valentine to get it like the cutlass where wireless is still usable.

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    I had the luck of having no issues with EMG actives and EBMM JP guitars with my boss WL-50, sorry for your issue.
    BTW it can be solved using a male/Female adapter (usually has an angled shape), I bought one on amazon for nothing lol
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    I had the same experience with my Valentine using my singer’s X-vive set up. I went back and forth between my Valentine and PRS. The PRS with passive pickups was dead quiet. The EBMM Valentine had the high pitched whistle.

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    Not owning any active guitars, I had no idea this was a thing. What causes it?

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    The g10 came with the angled adapter and I tried that way too. It didn’t make any difference on the valentine.

    I’m getting a radial bumper to have wireless, cable, reamp, and whatever else easily switchable to minimize the hassle of switching, but if anyone has fixed this issue I’m still curious.

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    Grettings from Germany! Just got my Line6 Relay G10 - and what surprise, have the same damned loud high pitch when using it with my EBMM Valentine. Did anyone solve the isse yet? Did someone from EB had a look at this issue?
    Thanks for yor feedback!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lax View Post
    BTW it can be solved using a male/Female adapter (usually has an angled shape), I bought one on amazon for nothing lol
    Not necessarily true. I have a JP6 Koa (with the newest model preamp) that exhibits the same high pitch whine no matter what. TRS -> TS adapter had no effect. I even soldered in a replacement jack bought direct from EBMM customer service. The high pitch just won't go away no matter what I try (including different brands of wireless systems). Sadly, I've completely given up and have demoted this guitar to cabled, studio work only. A real shame because it's the most gorgeous koa I've ever seen.

    On the flip side, my JPXI-7, JP15 BFR, and Valentine aren't nearly as severe. The JPXI is dead silent using any wireless unit. With my Valentine and JP15 the high frequency is there if you really listen for it as notes die out, but it is such a low level that 99% of people wouldn't notice it, especially in a full mix.

    The JPXI has the same electronics as my JP6 (I upgraded saddles and preamp on it when I had a piezo saddle take a dump). My JP6 has also had the preamp replaced at the factory. Same saddles, same preamps. Yet they behave completely differently using the exact same rig in the same exact conditions.

    Like I said, I gave up a few months back. Just luck of the draw I guess.
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    or you buy a sennheiser....just saying
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    Hi guys, today I fixed the issue. I swapped the red and the black cable on the jack and changed the cover plate to an no metallic one - worked for me!
    Cheers, Moosedrool!

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