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Thread: Wireless interference. Line 6 g10

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    Wireless interference. Line 6 g10

    Just wondering if any others have an issue with interference with music man guitars with the active system? I have a cutlass and a valentine with the system and the valentine is intolerable using wireless. There is a loud high pitched whine. With the cutlass the same sound is there but it is about a tenth of the volume of the valentine. So the cutlass is still usable. Not a huge deal because I can just use a cable, but it makes me curious of others experience using these guitars with wireless systems. Maybe there is something I could do to the valentine to get it like the cutlass where wireless is still usable.

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    I had the luck of having no issues with EMG actives and EBMM JP guitars with my boss WL-50, sorry for your issue.
    BTW it can be solved using a male/Female adapter (usually has an angled shape), I bought one on amazon for nothing lol
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    I had the same experience with my Valentine using my singer’s X-vive set up. I went back and forth between my Valentine and PRS. The PRS with passive pickups was dead quiet. The EBMM Valentine had the high pitched whistle.

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    Not owning any active guitars, I had no idea this was a thing. What causes it?

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    The g10 came with the angled adapter and I tried that way too. It didn’t make any difference on the valentine.

    I’m getting a radial bumper to have wireless, cable, reamp, and whatever else easily switchable to minimize the hassle of switching, but if anyone has fixed this issue I’m still curious.

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