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Thread: Changing PU in Luke III Questions

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    Changing PU in Luke III Questions

    Hello, Im wanting to change out the Transition pickup in my LIII. I know there are active electronics in the wiring. Is it as simple as changing out the leads of the pickups?

    Also, any recomendations on pickups? I will explain what Im not liking in the Transition Bridge specifically. The low end "feels" soft and a bit squishy if that makes senses. There also seems to be a bit of "furr" in the characteristics of distorted tones.

    I like clarity and tightness in a pickup. Hot Paf is what I tend to favor.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    the electronics is for the boost... you should be able to put any pickups in there. If you decide to sell the pups let me know...
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    If you pick up a dimarzio it should be as easy as a matching the colors.

    I like clarity and tightness in a pickup. Hot Paf is what I tend to favor.
    What? Hmm clarity and tightness can be had from active pups such as EMGs and ceramic magnets. Coincidentally the transition pup while made of ceramic sounds like alnico V. What?

    The transition pups are very special in that they sound like traditional Hot pafs. I think what you want is a more modern sound. Even lukather describes the sound of the hums as they sound like a les paul.

    pafs DO NOT have a tight bass. Thats a modern sound that is desired by some but not traditional in that sense. Tightness galore would from dimarzio would be evolution pups and anything for Mr. petrucci.
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    Yeah... the PAF archetype really isn't clarity and tightness. Also, the type of magnet is not what determines the sound of a pickup, it's the pickup design that does.
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    You could give the Dimarzio Dominion a try. I recently played a Jackson Dominion guitar with them, and was very impressed.
    They are super clear and super tight, the perceived output seemed very close to that of my Axis (Super) Sports, if not a little less. Rolling back vloume works perfectly. I didn't expect that sound out of a metal guitar.
    Remember the output of the Axis pickups is not as hot as you would expect from the DC coil resistance value, largely due to the strings beeing set up rather far away from the pole pieces. Thus, the Dimarzio Dominion classifies as a medium output modern PAF type, at least to me.
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