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Thread: mm90 vs emgs

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    mm90 vs emgs

    I have a Axis SS and a Luke 11. I love the tone of the MM90 pickups so I have a fairly simple question.
    What can I do to adjust my settings to make the Luke tone(EMG SSH) a little more like the Axis tone?
    I wondering specifically about amp settings. EQ, gain ect.
    How does one make an EMG pickup sound more like a P90 pickup.
    I'd swap out pickups in a minute if it was doable but it looks like that's not a good option. BTW both of these guitars have the piezo pup as well. Thanks all.
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    Man, that's a tough one. No amp setting in the world will help with that. The MM90s and the EMGs are so fundamentally different - single coil/humbucker vs P90, active vs passive. I own both a Luke with EMGs and an AL with MM90s, love them both but the AL is more dynamic with a bit more treble, the Luke is tight with more mid and punch in the humbucker. If you wanted it the other way around my advice would be to crank the compressor and raise the mid of the EQ.

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    There are a few of us who have swapped out (only 1 of) our could try to score one used... (I just traded mine...)
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    I don’t have a Luke, but I do have an ASS MM90 Semi-hollow. I’m sure there’s a way to get in the neighborhood if you’re creative—two very different animals, though, so . . . If you have a way to A/B, I would start by picking a Luke HB-Single that sounds most like the middle position on the MM90. Tweak until you get it as close as possible. Guessing you’ll have to drop some bass/mid-bass out of the Luke from the start.
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    Thanks guys. There a couple of good suggestions in here to start and that's just what i was looking for. I wish that changing out the pups was not such a hassle but because it is I'll have to try to get there another way. So "crank the compressor and raise the mids" is a good start. Would it be fair to say the MM90 is a bit dirtier than the EMG and so a little bit of gain may help as well?

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    I haven't played the EMG SLVs that I think the Luke II has but I have several SA equipped guitars which I believe they are based on. EMGs are pretty compressed to begin with and in my opinion do well with a little more volume.
    They are fairly clean pickups too so if you're looking for a dirtier tone I'd suggest running two low overdrive pedals into one another in your signal chain with the volume cranked and the drive low. Boosting the treble will help too.

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