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Thread: L3 HH, Kemper and Marshall JVM video

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    L3 HH, Kemper and Marshall JVM video

    Hey guys, just a short piece i did with MM L3 HH and Kemper JVM profiles. Enjoy!

    Kemper Marshall JVM 410 - Nick K - YouTube

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    Pretty awesome sound, Nick. So... on the rhythm guitars, how many tracks are there? Did you double track it? Is each take stereo? Any effects? Damn it sounds good.

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    Tnx man, glad You like it! I always quad track rhythm guitars. I used to do double tracks, but it just sounds meaner and fuller if you quad track it. Then you pan the guitars, lets say 2 of them hard left and right and other two little less left and right. Solo track is just the rhythm profile with added mids, reverb and delay. Thats it

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    Are you using onboard effects from the Kemper, or from pedals and/or DAW? Sounds really good.
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    Everything is Kemper, dont have any pedals or additional effects... The reverbs and delays on Kemper are pretty decent, tho i wouldnt mind if someone gave me some Strymon stuff... ��

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