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Thread: The 3 Way Toggle Switch

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    The 3 Way Toggle Switch

    Hey guys! I need a toggle that stays in place better than a Switchcraft. I recall the Music Man toggle (found on the Axis and Stingray and what not) to be really good at kind of locking into place and not easily being knocked out. Do you find that to be true or do you feel it is comparable to a standard Switchcraft toggle in that regard? Thanks!

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    This probably won't help, but I find toggles wear over time. I have a bunch from different manufacturers (I find them at surplus stores, etc.) and pick and choose when I need.

    That said, the ones MM use are always good. You could always buy one (in the configuration you need) directly from them.

    Other way around this problem is to orient the switch differently. Rotate it so it moves side to side, rather than up and down, etc.

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    Beej, interesting you said that. I’ve been thinking of reversing the direction of my Cutlass 5way. I almost always use the two neck positions, but I hit it often when strumming and inevitably change the position.

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    The switch I think you are looking for is the DiMarzio EP1111.

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    That one's a 4PDT on/on/on, what's used on the Petrucci. Might be overkill for the Axis, if you just want a simple 3-way (though you can use it).

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    It's possible to get the smaller 3 way Ernie Ball kind which is the same as the Dimarzio but without the extra features. I think they are made by Dimarzio for EB.

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    EB uses a bunch of different ones. The Morse alone has 2 completely different toggle switches!

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