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Thread: Mark Foley Pickup on Cutlass

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    Mark Foley Pickup on Cutlass

    i sold my fender strat, and i keept the pickup (mark foley 59 Reserve V.1 Strat Set), very nice vintage sounding.
    I would like to try to install them on my cutlass rs. I think i will remove all the original electronics and install the pickup with new electronics.
    Of course i will loose the silent circuit and buffer, but i want to try to use my overdrive/fuzz pedals without buffer.
    After I will give you my opinion, which system will be better!
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    Did you order a new pickguard so you can do a quick swap back to stock if needed?

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    my luther makes the new pickguard, because in italy it's difficult to find the original pickguard.
    So i can back to stock if i want.
    I want to try these pickups on cutlass, because they are one of the best vintage pickups to my opinion.
    So i can make a comparison how cutlass sounds without buffer and silent circuit.
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