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Thread: I have done it again :)

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    Red face I have done it again :)

    Fellow Ballers! I was honestly overwhelmed and humbled from your last response on the cover I posted. It has inspired me to do this more regularly now and start my own channel

    Yet another reason for celebrating this awesome guitar crafted by awesome people. There is nothing this Guitar cannot do. Thank you EBMM a million times.

    I apologise for the shameless self promotion, but I would love your feedback as always and would like to share more. So please pour your heart out and let me know the good, the bad etc. etc.

    Thank you everyone! Cheers.

    Admins: Don't want to cross a line here, so please let me know if sharing EBMM content here 'often' is an issue! I'll take the post down.
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    Kick a$$!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash Gordon View Post
    Kick a$$!
    Thank you so much Flash!

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