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Thread: Need help customizing my StingRay HH

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    Need help customizing my StingRay HH

    Hello, just brought a StingRay Ivory white( first EBMM) and love the sounds and feel of it and looks, but might want change tuner buttons to pearl ones and pick guard to different color . I havenít had any luck finding a replacement picks guard for the stingray anyone know of place I can buy one? Also, considering change the pickup cover to white or cream as chrome smudge easily. Any help will be appreciated Thanks!

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    Dinoo, welcome man congrats on the Stingray!!! Have you tried contacting Customer Service and seeing if they have any other pick guards? I'm sure you can get the tuner buttons from Schaller, since they make them.

    Buttons | Schaller Webshop

    As for the pup cover, no help there sorry.

    Also, it doesn't exist without pictures man!!!! Hahahahahahaahahaha

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    Pickguards - Pickguard Heaven: Pickguards for Every Guitar
    I've used them
    (think they may actually do stuff directly for MM)

    For PUP covers, you can get the plastic Hum covers direct form Musicman - i've bought all three colours - black, parchment, mint - from them.
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    Thank you! Yeah I found the turners on Schaller. The other stuff couldnít find much about them.

    Does plastic cover effect tone at all?
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