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Thread: Warranty concerns with setup work & Calgary tech

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    Warranty concerns with setup work & Calgary tech

    Hi all,

    I finally joined the EBMM family a few weeks ago, with a NOS 2013 JP6 Mystic Dream. Having been in the cold for a while en route to Calgary, it had quite a bit of fret sprout when it arrived. Some time in a warm room and house humidity has helped a lot, but there are still a few sharp edges I'd like to get taken care of.

    If I get this done locally while getting the JP6 set up (my preference) does this have any impact on the warranty? Is there anything I could encounter during a normal setup by a qualified tech that could cause future issues?

    Finally - are there any recommended EBMM techs in Calgary that others have used?


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    What I would recommend is that you contact Ernie Ball Customer service. You can find their number on their website. They are the best in the business and should be able to answer your questions. You'll have no doubt if you go to the manufacturer directly with your questions. Oh - welcome! And, we have a saying around here, no pictures no guitar!!!!
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    Provided the tech does a proper repair and doesn't damage anything this won't affect your warranty.
    "Hello! This is A.J.! How can I help you?"

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me:

    PMs and messages written on my wall are not addressed as quickly as emails.

    If you want to know when your instrument was completed please post in one of the serial number threads.

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    Thanks for the replies - I got an email from customer service as well (A.J.?) so I'll drop if off this weekend. Cheers.

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    Welcome and congrats on your first MM! Late to the party but I'd just make sure you have a good tech you trust, I've had a couple fret sprout issues taken care of in the past (I'm also in Canada) and been very unhappy with one of them on a custom shop S*rat. I've learned to live with some of these sprout issues, or use non sprouters in the winter (my Albert Lee rosewood neck doesn't sprout, nor does my maple/rosewood Cutlass). They always de-sprout in the spring/summer. Also avoid letting your tech screw with the nut, have had a couple issues with that in the past, MM nuts are cut nicely/precisely to start out with. Good luck!!

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    Thanks for the welcome, and the heads up. I got the name of a local guy from some old posts here that other members have recommended and used for their MM's, so a quick conversation should clear up any concerns. The climate here is a lot drier (I spent 8 years in Ontario) so a bit of sprout is not unexpected. A bit of filing should do it, there's not much, just enough to notice. I'll be sure to tell him to keep his hands off my nut though!

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    Lol. Yeah, just find a good guy, get it done, and it'll never be an issue again.

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