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Thread: Replacement Axis neck

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    Question Replacement Axis neck

    Hey guys I have been suffering from non guitar related hand issues. Back playing my Axis and still hurting. Chording issues in the fat of the thumb cramping and pain. I can keep moving chording around, but it is getting too sore.

    I bought a Squier Custom Vibe 60s Strat as a lark and cannot believe how comfortable the neck felt . I seem to get 5 times the playing time before I fizzle out.

    Any other EBMM necks that would be I guess thinner that I could mount on the Axis, Or any other ideas you may have done?

    Thanks John

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    Any possibility of simply having your current neck reshaped/reprofiled? I know that folks do that all the time, the biggest concern is to avoid breakthrough of the truss rod channel. Google 'guitar neck reshaping' and you should get some ideas and options for having that done. They might even be able to closely replicate your Squire neck dimensions and profile or at least ID the differences that may make the best improvements for your situation.
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    Possibly a Silo Special neck. IMHO, this is the thinnest, narrowest balanced neck profile EBMM puts out. Might also try a JP6, even thinner but wider (the extra stretch might not do well for your bum thumb!

    Don’t know if either of these necks would fit properly on an Axis... but both somewhat common models to find in a store.

    Have you seen an orthopedic hand specialist about the digit?

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    The Silo Special is definitely comfy. Not sure how much smaller it is, but it's symmetrical, which might make a big difference, depending on what the issue it.

    I would sell or trade it for something that feels better. Swapping necks is difficult- you can't buy replacment necks, and the only one that's a direct fit is the Luke.

    Speaking of which ... the Luke series of necks are smaller, that might work for you. And with a Luke III HH you'd essentially have the same switching combinations. Any chance you can try one out, either at a store or via a local forumite?

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    There is a guy on eBay selling an Axis Sport with a spare neck. Maybe buy that and use the extra neck to experiment with re-shaping.

    Realistically I'd get a USACG neck customer made to your specs. They can do super thin with carbon rods, and they will do 1.625 nut width if you call them. Not a Music Man, but might get you closer to what you need.

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