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Thread: 1991 silhouette w/ mystery pickups ?

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    1991 silhouette w/ mystery pickups ?

    Greetings Forum,

    I am posting for the first time. I recently acquired a beautiful 1991 sunburst ash silhouette with a Birdseye maple neck from a music store in Osaka, Japan.

    The guitar appears to be in mint condition. However, the price was a mere $750 bucks—despite the fact that virtually all musical equipment in japan is priced higher than it would be in the USA. There are two “mysteries” about this guitar that appear to have reduced its price (thereby happily enabling my purchase). First, the previous owner changed the pickups. It sounds great, but the pickups lack any identifying sticker— so it is no easy task to determine what they are. This means that this beautiful guitar was priced lower on the Japanese used market. The information is apparently valuable. The second mystery is that this guitar has no silent circuit. Perhaps this is simple— were they not yet installing those in 1991? I would be most grateful if anyone here could shed light on these mysteries. In the meantime, I’ll be playing the new axe. Thank you for your consideration.

    Pictures to follow shortly!
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    Hello Miroku and welcome to the forum family!

    Your Silhouette was indeed made before the silent circuit was in use (the patent for the silent circuit was filed in 1994).

    I think the pickups at that time were made by Schaller, though I'm relying on very poor memory. If you post the serial number in the serial number thread they can tell you when the guitar left the factory. If you ask they may be able to tell you what the pickups are.

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    Thank you, DrKev. This solves half of the mystery !

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