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Thread: Shall I sell My Monarchy Majesty For A JP15?

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    Shall I sell My Monarchy Majesty For A JP15?

    Hi guys,

    I own a Monarchy Majesty which I bought about a year ago now. Fantastic guitar and really love playing it. However I really like the roasted maple necks that Music Man have and own a couple of L3's and a Cutlass. I prefer to play those guitars with the roasted necks instead of the Majesty.

    I've been thinking of selling my Majesty off to fund a purchase of a JP15 but I'm in 2 minds now that Music Man aren't gonna be making there monarchy models anymore.

    Do you guys think I should hang on to the Majesty for now and buy the JP15 separately? I could possibly afford to do both. Do you think the Monarchy Majesty's might fetch a little more when Music Man stop making them?

    Have any of you done the same or vice versa?

    I've got till May to decide as that's when my JP15 in flame trans black is due in.

    Thanks guys


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    Keep the Monarchy. Retain it in a pristine condition and you can always sell it further down the road.

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    I play my Majesty (flamed koa with the ecstasy pickups) more than my JP15 but I prefer the illuminators in my 15 and the roasted neck does feel amazing. However, I kinda prefer the carve of the Majesty neck a little more. I gotta go with Sigmund Freud on this one: in dreams, either / or become "and"

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    Thanks for the advice fellas. I'm thinking will the Majesty lose a considerable amount on the price say 6 months down the line? or do I cut my losses now and sell it.? I didn't want to lose a lot on it. I appreciate it's now a 2nd hand guitar but you'd think they would keep most of their value.

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    what color is your majesty monarchy?

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    Majestic Purple!

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    Why do you say it will lose value?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razzle View Post
    Why do you say it will lose value?
    I would imagine it would lose value as it's now an old model and its classed as a 2nd hand guitar. You wouldn't be able to get the full retail back on it. How much it would lose at this point I'm not sure.

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