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Thread: Dream Theater - Distance Over Time: Digital Guitar Tablature Book

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    I'm back again with another solo!

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    Awesome playing!

    Thank you for the terrific tabs; I can't wait to dig into some of these myself this weekend!

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    This is really awesome of you! just sent you an email. This album is just amazing.
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    Great job on the tabs! This is not an easy album to figure out, so kudos to you for putting this together!
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    Outstanding work, Evan. Thanks so much for your generosity, it would have taken me years to do just a fraction of this.
    Cheers, Jamie
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    Thanks Evan,

    Dream Theater's music seems quite complicated, so that's a massive help to be able to try their riffs.

    Subscribed to your youtube channel.


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    Thanks for doing this. I emailed ya.
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    Thanks a lot for the tabs, Evan! Looking great so far! I couldn't check out the Guitar Pro files yet because I only have Guitar Pro 5. I might upgrade soon, though.


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    Super helpful tabs! Now I just need to find a baritone guitar somewhere....

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    Wow man! You're not human, are you? :0 Impressive!

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    Holy crap. Amazing to have an accurate tab of this whole album. The couple of bits I checked were correct (double checked some things against the recording at half speed, realized I had been playing it wrong using the UG tab). I assume the rest is accurate also. Not that I'll be able to play this stuff, but it is an amazing gift to be able to transcribe this stuff. And to make it available to all! Hats off to you, sir.

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    Just awesome - thank you so much for sending this! Going to be learning it tomorrow once I finally get my guitar.

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    Thanks for the transcriptions, man! They look pretty damn accurate to me, and it looks like a whole ton of work went into them. But damn, man, why does JP have to use so many damn tunings on one album? :P

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