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Thread: Axis SS Piezo Trem adjustment

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    Axis SS Piezo Trem adjustment

    Hi Folks, I just picked up my 2nd SS Piezo today from the local guitar shoe, I couldn't resist as its the only one One seems for sale in years since I got my first one.

    Anyhow, I notice that the tremolo mechanism is a bit sticky, its sort of hard to use it lightly whereas my older guitar is really easy to use, I took the cover plate off the back and there are 3 springs, removed a spring but not cured, its feels like its stuck to the body of the guitar and I have to put a lot of pressure on it to get hot moving, Ive over egged it a bit but thats the kind of feeling it is.

    Any clues?

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    This can be due to the small strip of felt that is attached to the back edge of the tremolo plate. Mine was like this. It can also happen from excessive tension on the springs, but it sounds like you have addressed that.

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    Yeah, Ive since looked again but cant seems to cure it, if I remove a spring that makes the trem much easier to use, but it lifts the plate forward so it becomes almost floating, I suspect it may also be catching on the 2 screw heads holding the plate down, ..moire investigation required.

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