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Thread: 2019 Ernie Ball MM Valentine (INTONATION and SETUP) Questions

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    2019 Ernie Ball MM Valentine (INTONATION and SETUP) Questions

    Hey forum people and fellow axe-men and women.

    I have questions about my new Valentine hard tail and I'm hoping I can get some answers in which I haven't found on here searching in the forum so far.

    I want to change the strings from the standard 11's he uses to 9's. I'm looking at the hard tail which is covered by a chrome plate. I see horizontally, that there's alan key (ends) screws through the holes of the cover plate. So..

    -doesn't look like you need to but should the cover plate come off before adjusting that? It would probably make it a bit easier from the looks but wondering.

    -what size alan key is used? I tried a 2 but I don't think it fit.

    I think that's all I'm looking for at this time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You don't need to take the cover off.. not sure on key size though
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    It is indeed 2 mm. No need to take off the cover plate.
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    When I adjusted the intonation on my Valentine hardtail bridge I had to remove the cover. It’s held on by two allen head screws located on the side of the bridge cover.
    The trem cover on my Cutlass looks the same but is held on from the bottom. The intonation on my Cutlass was done easily with the cover on.

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    Going from 11s to 9s might need truss rod adjustment.

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    Awesome! Appreciate the info ALL. Yes, I figured it would need slight truss rod adjust as well. Should be fairly straight forward with this style setup on this bad boy.

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    Congrats on the new Valentine, and welcome to the forum!
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    Be patient while doing intonation and make sure the Allen is actually seated in the saddle screw properly. I know with mine I had a hell of a time adjusting the B string in particular - that saddle screw just wouldn't line up with the hole in the cover and I couldn't get the proper angle to seat the Allen wrench fully. If you come across one like that it may be best to remove the cover just to be safe.

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    Thanks! Beaut of an axe!

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    Nice! Appreciate the heads up! Did you adjust the truss ever so slightly as well when you changed?

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    Congrats on the Valentine. I love mine. Got rid of all my Fenders. I had to ditch the 11's also do to uncle arthur I also went to 9's. It is no problem, do the neck tweek first then any intonation you need to do. I had very little to change on mine and I didn't need to take the plate off.

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