This is a PSA of sorts for anyone who has a JP 15 but is considering a pickup swap, maybe it's been mentioned elsewhere but I never saw it. The illuminator pickups appear to be of a special variety for the guitar. They have a pcb on the underside and the bracket the pickup is on doesn't have legs but is flush to the bottom making standard replacement too tall. I've seen it mentioned that the body is routed for uncovered pickups, but the cavity also doesn't support standard uncovered humbuckers without filing down the plate/bracket or altering the body of the guitar. I tried to replace the pickups with Dimarzio Crunchlab and Liquifire and found there were a number of ways they don't fit and I am absolutely not going to alter this beautiful guitar to make them fit.

This is just a heads up to anyone thinking about changing pickups in this guitar. I had already altered the new pickups I was going to install when I noticed that they would also be too tall. Shame on me for not checking.