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Thread: Found the right amp for my Cutlass RS

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    Found the right amp for my Cutlass RS

    Been thinking about swapping pickups in my Cutlass ever since I got it. The bridge was especially troublesome. I've been mainly playing through a BE-50 Deluxe and 4x12 and it never really clicked.

    Today FedEx dropped off my new Alessandro Rewired Deluxe Reverb and it's a whole new ball game. It's amazing how much of a difference the right amp makes. I can't imagine changing anything on it anymore. My peanut butter has found it's chocolate!

    Yeah yeah, I know the rules. I'll post a pic of the happy couple tomorrow.

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    The Valentine was getting jealous this morning and wanted to get in on the action.

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    Great guitars!!!!

    Axis Hardtail TransPurple #89749 (3/28/97)
    Reflex Classic White #G71108 (7/14/14)
    StarryNight #G79870 (12/14/16)
    Stingray BFR
    Natural#G59581 (10/3/17). FS

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    Yep, the Kemper profiles in my collection from the classic Fender amps are well-used for Cutlass and Valentine around here. There's certainly more to getting "vintage" tones than the pickups alone.

    That's a pretty pair of guitars you have there - enjoy!
    Hunter Hayes Cutlass in Lake Tahoe Blue
    Valentine BFR in Three-tone Burst
    Luke 3 HH in Starry Night
    Valentine in Trans Maroon
    Reflex Game Changer HSH with Piezo

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    I played thru an original silverface Deluxe Reverb for many years - awesome sounding amps!!! My speaker eventually went bad and I replaced it with Weber 12f150 and wow!!!!

    Great guitars!!! Enjoy !
    EBMM Axis Super Sport (Pacific Blue Burst)
    EBMM L3 HH (Olive Gold)
    EBMM L3 HSS Roasted (Bodhi Blue)
    EBMM Silo Special (Blue Dawn)
    EBMM Albert Lee SSS (Sky Blue)
    EBMM Majesty (Iced Crimson)
    EBMM Cutlass (Vintage Turquoise)
    EBMM L3 BFR (Blueberry Burst)
    EBMM Cutlass HSS (Firemist Silver)

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    Quote Originally Posted by loocnmad View Post

    What a nice couple you have - roasted goodness ! Congrats .
    Ex-guitar player .

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I only joined the family a few months ago and can't believe it took me 20 years. Although, 20 years ago I was a dumb kid too broke to afford any decent gear, ha!

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    Fantastic Combination of Guitars and that amp !!!!!!

    I play my Reflex through a somewhat modified Fender Super Sonic and it sounds incredible.
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